Nahed Ishaq

Co-founder of d.haus, founder of the the fleurologist, principal designer & founder of Link atelier

A lifetime of fascination with outstanding design coupled with deep insights and understanding of materials and manufacture led to the concept of Link Atelier, whereby Nahed’s creative vision and trans-cultural background can bring together and guide local and international artists, designers, and architects to capitalize their creativity and perfect their designs.


Khalid Nooruddin

Managing Director

Khalid is closely involved in the strategic development of the group’s retail digital business in the Middle East. As Managing Director, he leads the Group’s E-commerce business and digital functions including Technology, Analytics, and Loyalty.

Jay Reddy

General Manager

Jay leads the D.Haus and FleurO business operations. He also supports the group across a broad portfolio of responsibilities. Such as target acquisition, team management, supplier, buying and supply chain.

Syed Farhaan

Chief Financial Officer

Farhaan leads financial and administrative aspects of the group. With extensive experience, he balances fiscal responsibility and innovation to drive growth. His strategic acumen sets industry benchmarks in retail and real estate projects.